Widow Blogs:

Abel Keogh – Widower perspective with a dating/relationship focus

Hyla Molander – Pregnant Widowhood

Fresh Widow – Widowed with child – Remarriage

Poor Widow Me – Comical look at Widowhood

Chillin’ with Lemonade – 20-something Widow – Remarriage

Fry Guy’s Thinkerings – Widower/Dual Wife-Child Loss

Matt Logelin – Widower with child

FlyingWG – Widow

Not Your Average Widow РMilitary widow with child

The Unwedded Widow РWidow pre-Marriage

Califmom – Widow with children

Jay Cosnett – Widower with Child…and dog.

Journey Through Grief – Widowed with child

Because I Can – Physical loss

Widow’s Voice – Soaring Spirits Loss Foundation Blog

One Widow’s Journey Community – Blog and Widow Board

A Myeloma Widow’s Journey

¬†Finding Fresh, happy and and healthy paths – Jess’ blog on being a suicide widow and finding a healthy fresh life

Writer Blogs:

Shawn Smucker

Andi Cumbo-Floyd