I grew up wanting to write, but I never had a great story, or even a good story, until I fell in love.  Here’s how things happened:

I fell in love with Kevin in 2005 despite the fact that he was in Winnipeg, Manitoba and I was in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

After being married only 1.5 years Kevin died on October 28, 2008 after battling a rare cancer, Angiosarcoma, for 4 months.  Prior to his death he asked me to share our story.  I began to write our great love story after his death and incorporated the blogs I kept when he fell ill.

In 2009 I kick off my freelance writing career and take traveling writing gigs from the Poconos to Costa Rica.  I continue blogging under the moniker Crazy Widow to share my pain with the world and begin publicly speaking about my love and loss experiences.

In 2013 I wed a man who is my confidante, best friend, and biggest supporter on top of a hill in the Susquehanna valley of Pennsylvania.

On October 28, 2013 I successfully fund a Kickstarter campaign to publish the great love story I’ve been working on for 5 years.

In Spring 2014 the great love story is released to the general public.

Now?  Now I’m speaking throughout North America on subjects such as traveling solo, finding healing in nature and travel, and writing through my grief.  I’ve become an activist for social justice issues in my community of Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  I’m currently working on my second book. Check back here for blogs related to grief, love, travel and social justice and environmental issues in PA.