Nature’s Church

I grew up in a church – I spent nearly all of my Sundays in attendance from birth until I was about 21.  Then, I began slipping.  I’ve attempted becoming involved or part of a few churches since my early 20s, but never have felt the commitment or the desire to switch membership.  Last year, if you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen me post some pictures about what I like to call ‘nature’s church’…

One of Nature’s Churches: Lake Grubb in Silver Spring, PA

I used to believe that in order to be a good faithful believer of Christ, you needed to regularly attend church.  I no longer believe this.

In my experiences, especially since the losses in my life, I have found my connection with God has been more challenged by my daily thoughts, being surrounded by nature and the moments in which I can look around at the creation and see my faith in real form.  My faith is a constant challenge of thoughts – wondering if it exists, if there is an overseer, if there is a greater purpose – wondering, questioning, most of all hoping.  I don’t have any answers, but I do have a faith that believes there is something higher out there and I want to believe that it causes some good to come out of some hell.

In my younger days of faith I used to believe that those who questioned were the most lost ones.  I believed that if they didn’t believe in what I thought were ‘absolutes’ then I couldn’t be friends with them, I couldn’t support them.  Now I know that to be a lie.  To question is to come closer in your faith.  To befriend your neighbor is to be Christ-like and Godly.

So despite not being connected in a physical church, I am connected in the church of neighbors – in supporting those around me who have different beliefs, ethnicities, faiths.  I am also connected in nature’s church; seeing God’s creation in it’s astounding glory as the seasons change each year.  I am not lost, I am finding my church body in every person and place that I meet.


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  1. While I am not particularly “religious” I do believe in living in a “christian” manner. It is those values that I believe are most important in life.

  2. Me too Sandy 🙂

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