Widow Voyages

ShareIn March I moved forward with an idea that’s been swirling in my head for a while – taking widows and widowers on group tours. For almost 8 years I have survived and grown in widowhood because of the support of other widows. I have traveled to Arizona, Toronto, South Carolina, Maryland, Florida, Washington D.C.

I’m Grieving

ShareMy brain is on overdrive.  I want to shut it down.  It’s like it’s trying to catch up after months of neglect.  After months of depression.  I’m seeking, trying to find the change that will fix me.  New career.  Going back to school.  Moving into a different house.  Something has to fix this (right?). Everything

Where I’m at

ShareI want to anywhere but here, but for right now, I’m meant to be here. When the grief swallows my heart and dreams I’d do anything I can to be somewhere else Living an easier life without so much pain and distress. What looks on the outside like abundance is on the inside an escape