Social Justice

ShareSocial justice has always seemed extreme to me. Something I wouldn’t do. I’d sign petitions, like or follow the social media outlets of causes I believed in; I still do. It’s a comfortable way to feel involved without being extreme, without putting myself in the public eye as a person who cares passionately about the

Fighting a Pipeline, Letting Go of Grief, and Celebrating a Book

ShareUnderstatement of the Year: It’s been a chaotic 2 weeks. 2 Tuesdays ago I passed 2 anniversaries: that of funding my Kickstarter publishing project and 6 years since losing Kevin. Amongst the emotions of that anniversary I become deeply immersed in a grassroots pipeline prevention (sounds much better than ant-pipeline, right?) movement in my home county of Lancaster,


You Cannot Destroy My Safe Place

Share“Some religious institutions and belief systems resists and distrust the suggestion that nature and spirit are related.  Suspicious of environmentalism as an ersatz religion, they perceive a creeping, cultural animism.  This belief, which runs deep in American culture, is perhaps one of the least acknowledged but most important barriers between children and nature.” ~Richard Louv