The Photo Shoot…

..and I give you, the Photo Shoot.

Courtesy of Russell Frost of Frost Imagine ( and Christine Minnich ( who graciously donated their time and effort to my sunrise shoot of “Trash the Dress”. The shots were taken at New Danville Mennonite at Kevin’s gravesite, Shenk’s Ferry Wildlife Preserve, and Sickman’s Mill.

I decided to do this shoot because I have no one to pass my dress onto, and the thought of it rotting away in my closet wasn’t at ALL appealing. It was a way to release emotions, to play in the mud, to have some fun……but also to let go.

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  1. I LOVE the ones in the water!! It was a fantastic idea, Brenda, and the photos are great. (I’ll bet that water was cold, though!)

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