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Widow Voyages empowers widows and widowers through travel and education to embrace life.


A Note From Brenda

I developed the idea for Widow Voyages after meeting with other widows and widowers in my grief, travel and nature workshops that I have presented across North America over the past two years. As a widow myself, I knew the hiccups one could have when traveling on their own. Attendees expressed that many triggers arise while traveling on their own such as encountering couples and families on anniversary trips, resort weddings, and being asked “getting to know you” questions which may leave a widow(er) feeling vulnerable about being on their own and having to explain their circumstance. IMG_1117 (3)

Many widows I have met have also been discouraged from traveling on their own due to the high rates of travel packages for solo travelers. Widow Voyages offers a same-sex roommate matching program for those looking for a discount and negotiates with travel partners to secure the best rates for those who wish to room on their own. I am working with companies I have met as a freelance travel writer and travel advertising account executive.

Current trips are listed above.  All itineraries are chaperoned by a widow and designed so that a majority of the trip expenses and tips are included in the cost at the time of booking, excluding your flight or drive to the starting location. You may also purchase travel insurance directly through me. Trips are open to widows and widowers all over the world.

Want more information? Email widowvoyages@gmail.com.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for a trip?

All of our upcoming trips are listed here. Click on the trip you are interested in and once you’re in that event page, click on the live link near the top left of the page to select the package for you!

What do your trips include?

Our goal is to include 90% of all costs in our trips. Our trips typically include your hotel stay, all but a few meals during the trip, meal tips, admission fees, service tips, transportation to and from all stops, and a trained chaperone who carries first aid kid and other trip necessities. The main chaperone on each trip is widowed. Some trips may not include transportation during the trip, if noted that it’s a walking trip, especially for some cities where transportation isn’t necessary. Trips do not include the tip you should leave for your hotel housekeeping staff. Transportation to the starting location is also not included. Consider your registration fee most like an  “all inclusive price”; anything we don’t cover, we promise to let you know about ahead of time.

How do I sign up to be on your roommate list?

Email Brenda to be added to the Roomie List

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