1 Month

Today is 4 weeks since Kevin’s death. I am so angry and hurt. I hate cancer. I honestly hate it. I want to wage a WAR on it-who’s in?

Today is a tough day. It’s been lots of tough nights since last week and I can’t shake this bitter reality that he’s not coming back.

I’m so alone, but not alone. It just hurts, everywhere. I’m even getting sick because it hurts so badly. 🙁

I hate days like this….I hate it more that this cancer took him away from me. How is it that some couples who bicker and argue all the time get 50 + years together, and a couple who loved each other beyond comprehension only got 3 and a half years together? I just don’t understand.

I’m so sad today. Good thing I’ll be with a good friend all day.

…….1 month. I cannot comprehend.

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  1. I am praying God gives you the strength for today,and this week. I am praying for you.

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