2 More Pics…

Here are 2 more pictures to make you ALL jealous. haha

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  1. Hey you, you look great and nice to see a smile on that pretty face! I hope you are having a blast!

    Enjoy part 2 of your trip!



  2. You look wonderful! And your smile is contagious! I am glad you are having a good time and I wish you the best in traveling to “part 2”. Can’t wait to hear more….

  3. Hi Brenda!
    I am the manager and one of the owners of Prince Street Cafe. I found your blog thru my web alerts because you mentioned the cafe in your past writings. I’ve been hooked to your journey ever since. Your heart for Jesus and passion for life is incredible. I’ve been in tears several times as I’ve read your posts… and I’m thinking… this is crazy… I don’t even know this woman… but I’ve probably crossed paths with you at the cafe! Anyway… I pray God continues to FILL YOU UP. I hope to meet you someday… feel free to ask for me if you are at Prince Street Cafe…

    Have a great time on Vacation!!!

    Crystal Weaver

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