5 Days of Giving: Day 1 – Angiosarcoma Awareness

On this week before the Christmas holiday, I am focusing this week’s blogs on how you can give back before the holidays. Figure out a way to cut out 5, 10, 15, 20 or even $500 out of your holiday budget to set aside for organizations that mean something to you. These organizations mean something to me, so each day that I mention an organization, I will be donating to their cause. I hope that you will consider supporting them now, and in the future!


Lauren Ryan and Corrie Painter are two fabulous women who I met via Facebook. They have organized extensive efforts to raise money for Angiosarcoma research and are two survivors of the disease.

Those of us in the Angiosarcoma community have been hit hard this past week with the recurrence of one member’s cancer, and the death of another, both to Angiosarcoma. If you read the statistics on the website, you’ll know that the future is often bleak for those battling this very rare cancer.

For those who do not know, Kevin was diagnosed with an Angiosarcoma tumor of the esophagus in August 2008, and by October 28 of that year, he had passed. Angiosarcoma is extremely aggressive, but there is hope. We need funds for research to battle ahead and continue to find new treatments for this disease so that others have more time, and more can survive.

Please click HERE to donate securely through PayPal or if you would like, you may mail them a check.

Thank you for your support!

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