8 months, 2 hours ago is when I watched Kevin slip away from this world.

*sip of my coffee*

8 months, 2 hours ago is the last time Kevin heard my voice.

…Letting that all soak in.

Anniversaries used to be celebratory, and now the anniversaries in my life are those of mourning, sorrow, devastation in my life.

I miss Kevin desperately this week as I dwell on what occured last year at this time. The beginning of our Angiosarcoma journey. I think of what I have learned in this year, what I have ben given and don’t just want to dwell on what’s been taken from me.

But on an anniversary such as this, it’s hard not to focus on what I have lost. I feel more God connected these days, a bit more focused on hearing what God has to say on this life of mine. The sorrow is still the same, but in the sorrow I’m starting to feel some hope and inspiration.

What that hope and inspiration is today, I’m not quite sure, haha. I’m a bit blinded by the sadness of my life events a year ago, my life events 8 months ago.

8 months, 2 hours, 15 minutes since Kevin took his final breath and left us to go ot a better world. A place where this disease no longer destroys his body, no longer surrounded by hospital personnel and machines, a place where he’s free, finally, from the disease that destroyed it all.

He’s free. I wish I could feel the freedom of peace again.

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