Back To “Life”

I’m back to “life”, whatever I make of it at this point. I’m adjusting to being back East, and I’m actually LOVING the snow. I like it’s freshness and beauty. It’s refreshing. Not to mention, I’m anxious to try out my 4wd in it, but don’t worry, I don’t plan to be ONE OF THOSE 4WD drivers.

The past few days I’ve just been re-adjusting to the East and looking for jobs. I’m applied for a few, and have 1 big prospect. I should have the official decision within a few days, but it looks like it’ll work out perfectly for both parties. I’ll post more when I know more, but I’m pretty excited!

I’m busy getting my last minute Christmas shopping done. I really wish I had more money to donate to causes over the holidays. I know that local food banks are especially feeling the hardest hit this year. There are so many without employment this year, and it’s causes many other headaches in the housing industry. So many people are without a “home”. I encourage you to donate in a loved one’s honor this holiday season, and to make a commitment to donate your time to a cause in the new year.

Whether it’s donating a few hours to Habitat for Humanity, donating time serving at the food bank or a shelter, giving towards ministries and missions, donating to a medical/health cause that is close to your heart…whatever it is. If you dont’ have $, find TIME. We all have a FEW hours (at least) that we waste every week, so please make the most of it. Make a commitment!

I’m super excited about the new year, new slate. I have some commitments that I’m making to take care of my body, soul and mind. I’m going to continue with my counseling, and work on becoming healthy and taking care of myself. Kevin wanted me to get in shape and take care of myself, so this is not only a commitment to myself, but my promise to him.

One day at a time………sometimes 1 minute at a time. I’m pushing through and hoping to survive these holidays….

PS-If you’ve been hesitating getting on contact with me, STOP IT. Pick up the phone. I want to hear from my friends and family who haven’t called in quite a while!

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  1. Brenda it sounds like things are coming together for you and I am really happy for you. I truly hope your job prospect works out. I hope that you have a wonderful visit with Linda and Ken over the Christmas season and that all of you are blessed with joy, peace, happiness and an abundance of good health and prosperity in the New Year.

  2. I hope that this job will come through for you! I loved looking at your pictures….they were absolutely beautiful! I hope that the holidays will bring some happiness even though you will experience sadness as well. And maybe we can all get together after the new year. You sound like you are really getting things together and I am happy for you! I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Take care!

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