Beauty in my Backyard

As the fireflies move it’s as if they’re floating up from the blades of grass,

Shining their light in a flicker of a second before disappearing against the green.

The orange of the tiger lilies burst forth from the tangled mess of leaves at their base.

I hear the chirp of the birds as they call across the yard while the bunny licks at his paws, unaware of my gaze.

I breathe it in, this deep humid air, trying to block out the unnatural sounds.

The racing engine, an upset dog, the call of a child.

I feel as if I don’t belong here yet every part of me wants to be immersed in this nature.

I don’t want to be a foreign object placed amongst this scene

But a living, breathing, vital organism that only helps this universe bloom.

I will fight to protect it, to keep the obscene from destroying it,

to cherish the air that gives me life, and the waters that cleanse me whole.

Strive to honor the gift from a creator who made its beauty

And share its peace, serenity and gift with an oblivious world.



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