Becoming Humble

moon Tonight’s full moon reminded me of the small spec that I am on this earth.  This past week I studied rocks in my second week of PA Master Naturalist training and we went through the timeline of how the world was created.  I could see on paper the minuscule part that humans play in the billions of years since earth was formed.  Yet in spite of our vast universe and history humans feel so important.

And then I read Give Me Gratitude or Give Me Debt and it instilled, yet again, the purpose of life – to enjoy what we have.  To embrace the blessings.  To not be lost in the “wants” that constantly surround us. In other words, to be humbled.

When I was widowed I thought that I knew how important life was, that Kevin’s death made me cherish life so much more.  It’s amazing how 6 years and a lot of healing can diminish that harsh reality.  Everyday things now annoy me, and I don’t always take time to smell the roses.  I am seeking to get back to the time when I appreciated life a much more and I think the PA Master Naturalist training is going to help me to see the big picture again.

It’s very easy to get swallowed up in our daily life – coworker stress, financial concerns, schedule conflicts.  These things become our conversational topics because it’s what has consumed our lives.  What would happen if we took a step back and re-evaluated what we want to fill our minds?  If we could leave those stressors where they start and invest that energy into the things and people we love?  I used to think it had to be all or nothing.  If I had a problem in one area of life it always seemed to carry over to the other parts of my life and ruined the good moments.  I’d like to change that.

My problems are very minuscule compared to others but they are my own so they are very real and very important to me.  Maybe if I look at them a little different, in the grand scheme of the universe, than they may not seem as consuming.  I could begin to release my concerns a bit easier and enjoy the good times a little bit more.  My joy can be just as big as my problems and my hopes and dreams can consume my universe.

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