Blogging From the New Apartment!

Hello and greetings from my new apartment on West Orange in Lancaster! It feels so good to be “home”. Although home right now consists of the smell of fresh paint, and the only “furniture” in this place are my beloved plants, and a new storage rack for the bathroom, it’s going to be home in just a few days.

Have I mentioned how much I hate moving? I keep telling myself “Brenda, this is the last time for a LONG time.” Of course, this is what I told myself when Kevin and I lived on College avenue. I truly pray that I can stay in this apartment for a few years. It’d be nice to feel that type of stability again, even without Kevin.

Kristi got to view the apartment today and gave the seal of approval. Despite it being a small 1 br, we’re going to work it so Kristi lives in the common area living room. I measured today, and the couch will NOT fit. Stinks, I picked it up for just $200 at salvation army. It’s a great, tan leather, sleeper sofa. I just want to get rid of it, so make an offer and it’s yours!

So, over this weekend we’ll be shopping for a reasonably price futon with a thicker mattress, and some odds and ends to make this place feel more like home. Pray this snow/ice melts a bit, so that I can get into the stroage barn where all my dishes and things are at. I won’t be able to fit all my goods in here, but I should be able to get most of it in while Kristi is living here, and then when she moves up to Canada, adjust again to her being gone, and a bit more space for myself. Either way, it’ll be great having someone here with me for a few months.

I saw Darrell, my cat, last night and talked to him about the apartment, I am SURE he is just as excited as Kristi and I are, lol. We’ll see about that….I think he’ll just be happy to be the only small thing around (not fighting for attention with the other cat, dog, and toddler).

I’m planning on moving box by box here throughout this weekend this week. I hope to get my bed, chair, tv and some of the heavier boxes and things over NEXT Saturday. So-I know some of you volunteered. We have a truck, but another is always handy, and I need BRAWN. so, if you can help NEXT Saturday, please let me know.

*deep breath*. I’m on my own. It feels so weird to be in this apartment all alone, without furniture, but mostly, without Kevin. I’ve only gotten through a few things, and everything is a reminder of our past life. This is going to be a tough move, but a good one, and one that needs to happen.

Keep me in your thoughts.

Much love, bren

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  1. Much love to you too. Congratulations on the apartment and prayers for you as you make the change. – Jean

  2. Big Step…sending hugs.
    …a deep breath …for sure.

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