California Sunshine

It is so beautiful and serene here. I just love it. It is just the perfect thing for me to be doing right now. I find some moments difficult-I have found some things really trigger my memories of Kevin, and I’ve already stumbled across some traditions that Kev & I had, that now I can only continue on my own. For example, I saw these great seashell ornaments in Monterey today, and I remembered that Kevin and I had made it our goal to get a christms ornament at every place we traveled to instead of regular souvenirs, to decorate ourr tree with. So now, I must still get these ornaments on my new adventures, but without the memories that come with them. That one is realy tough.

But it is beautiful and 60ish, and warm, and lovely. The food and spirirt of this place are excellent, and where we are staying (Asilomar-google it-it’s amazing) is just this beautiful California retreat right on the Monterey Peninsula.

I am finding inspiration, and will, and finding that my fruitful spirit is touching others. I am finding my new life in myself….and that’s good, but also so difficult. I am grieving openly, and allowing myself to mourn my loss, but also opening my heart to the next lifetime ahead. I am an old soul.

I was hoping to post some of my pictures tonight, but I only get internet access in the one building here, and of course, I left the proper disc back in the room 🙁 Sorry. But I promise, there will be PLENTY of fun, beautiful, amazing pictures to come. I promise.

Love you all

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  1. I am thankful to hear that you are having a wonderful time. Kristi and I were talking about all of us get together on the 26th for supper?! Please let one of us know if you would be able to come. Luv you! I can’t wait to see the promised pics!~your blog stalker Karen 🙂

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