Do Your Good

When it feels like all hope is gone, you need to continue to do your good. To do your best. To love and accept and move forward.

I know the feeling of grieving and becoming immobile.

Following this election, we each have to grieve in our own way but now is the time for action, not immobility.

Last night I attended a local Democratic party meeting. I wasn’t the only newcomer – 4 other newbies showed up to find out what they can do to move forward from the national tragedy of Trump’s election.

For those who voted for Trump, or against Trump, the best thing that Americans can do is to hold our elected officials accountable. Our vote can only go so far. When our vote doesn’t shine through, we must write to our municipalities, to our senators, congressman and representatives to ask for their help. We must be a constant voice in their ears reminding them that they were elected by the people to serve the people’s interests.

Do your good and get involved. Don’t just protest. Write, call, help someone you believe in get elected, get elected yourself.

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  1. My wife recently passed away. Are your groups and trips for widowers also?

  2. Hi Jim, yes, they are! I’ll be in touch.

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