Emotional Chaos

I am finding that my days are filled with complete and utter emotional chaos. I begin the day either feeling hopeful for the day, or sad that I’m starting the day alone. As I begin the day I either have things to look forward to, or things that I know will be hard, or a little of both. Then I do these things, and I feel such emotions of accomplishment, sadness, fear, distress, doubt.

It is an emotional rollercoaster for which I cannot strap myself in. It’s pretty frustrating, but it’s all part of this “process”. Overall, it was nice to see family today, nice to connect and get some organization back into my life. I also booked my trip, and for that, I am so excited.

Kevin….I miss you so much babe. I will forever, and I know that somewhere you can see/hear/feel/read this. I love you.

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