Enola Low Grade Trail

My husband and I have thoroughly enjoyed biking the Enola Low Grade Trail in Manor township on the weekends.  While I dream of one day biking the entire way to the Martic township railroad trestle, where it ends until renovations are completed, today we completed over 6 miles round trip following a picnic lunch with my brother and niece.

Biking makes me feel strong, especially when it’s flat.  Lancaster County is known for its rolling hills and as a kid it was always a challenge for me to bike to friends’ homes and challenge myself on those backroad hills.  That challenge has not dissipated as the hills around our home in West Hempfield township are much like those in my home township of Conestoga.  Steep hills meeting long and slow grades.

I began biking again as an adult about 5 years ago when I purchased a new diamondback crossover mountain/beach bike from Dick’s sporting goods and hit the Lancaster Junction Trail in Salunga once a week for a 10-12 mile roundtrip ride.  Like the Enola Low Grade trail, there was a long slow climb that was barely noticeable until your legs begun getting tired.  The return trip was always worse at Lancaster Junction, but for the Enola Low Grade trail (Manor township trailhead), the return trip is the reprieve.  A nice complement to the Enola Low Grade trail is their bathrooms, picnic tables, benches and Susquehanna River overlooks along the way that make the journey that much easier.

There’s always something calming and releasing about being near water, and I believe that’s the main appeal that draws me to the ELG trail versus Salunga these days.  The air is a little fresher along the river, the views a little better, the conveniences a little grander.  I’m excited to get on the trail on my own and see how far I can push myself and I look forward to the day they finish the Martic Trestle Bridge and can one day challenge myself to the entire 29 miles.  While I haven’t gotten to that 12 mile hike that I’ve dreamed about for the completion of 2014, I dream of cross training to become an overall stronger person.  I’d love to rid the weight and the stress that has on my body, but mostly I dream of returning strength to sustain me in all of my life loves.

Let me know if you want to join me on the trail!

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