Ever Evolving Significance

Today for most, is a reminder of what happened just 8 years ago in NYC, Pennsylvania, and Washington D.C. I remember vividly sitting in Pre-Calculus not believing what was happening, as were the thoughts of most of us.

However, last year, was hopeful. I remember having a newfound significance for the date 9/11. It was the date that Kevin & I finally left the hospital after a 40+ day stay! It was exciting, scary, yet hopeful. We had a strong desire to move forward in our life, to not be overcome by Angiosarcoma, to have hope that we could MAKE IT.

But a year later, I do not feel so hopeful of my situation, of the world’s situation. Where have we come?

Whereas, right after the attacks, the WORLD felt like a sense of community as everyone banded together and held on to one another in a solemn vowel of justice, I don’t feel that anymore. A riptide has torn through those emotions and destroyed what unity I once felt amongst our country and that of our allies.

In my personal life, friendships have been lost because of Kevin’s passing, new friendships formed, but an everlasting sense of loss is ever present in my life. While I have evolved as a person, as a widow, the evolution of Brenda is still to be determined.

Today is a day of reflection. Where are we now?

When I visited Toronto, I had the honor of attending Beeton, Ontario’s veterans day parade which honored the fallen firefighters and first responders. Did you know that Canada not only flies the Canadian Flag, but also the United State Flag? Yes, next to their maple leaf, flies the Red, White & Blue in honor of those fallen ever since September 11, 2001, when the world view changed. I think this is pretty cool….and I doubt many, if any, of us Americans knew that. I think we should applaud Canada for showing us honor and respect in the times of our loss.

Reflections on today. September 11, a forever honored day in the world.

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  1. I did not know that about Canada flying the US flag! Thank you for sharing this reflection this day.

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