Everyday Grief

Sometimes I forget that I am not the only one in pain.  Every day each of us encounter something painful – stubbing our toe, someone saying something mean to or about us, a nasty rumor, betrayal, heartbreak, or death.  Pain is not only about those who have experienced the loss of life.

I feel very selfish in my grief sometimes when I see what others are going through, yet other days, it’s entirely exclusive to me.  Simply said, everyone has everyday pain.  We all have crap we are going to encounter in life, and sometimes it’s more extreme than others.

My husband will have died 3 years ago 0n 10/28, and since that time some pretty crappy things have happened in my life.  On the other hand, some really freakin’ awesome stuff has happened in my life!  I want to stop counting the bad against the good and just take it as it is, when it comes.

My friend is approaching her 1 year sadversary, and well, I don’t envy her.  That sucks.  It took  a long time for me to realize that the buildup to the day was actually worse than the day itself, and that the months after would be even more difficult.

So here’s what I’m saying today – it’s not just me out here who is grieving something.  We all have our burdens, so shouldn’t we help one another through them, together?

Grieving is Better Together

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  1. We do help one another! One year was hard for me. I will be celebrating my 2nd anniversary on the 25th of this month. Yes, celebrating! I have come a long way in 2 years and I am damn proud of that.

  2. You all that have traveled this widow road before me have given me strength and hope for the future. I am amazed by the support I have found just by searching widow on twitter. You guys rock!

  3. I’m so glad you found us – it’s been great getting to know you!

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