I am not one to get into big political arguments, but I came across something disturbing tonight. President Bush is planning some last minute rules before he leaves office. One of these deeply touches my heart, and it’s regarding the Family and Medical Leave Act. Without this act, Kevin would have had to be released from his job, much earlier than the 12 weeks we were eligable.

With the new rules, there are special military benefits which are good, but restrictions on what you can use FMLA for, and the notice you need to give employers. Please, contact your local congressman or senator to get more information and fight the changes for FMLA. If ANYTHING, this important law that has been in affect for almost 15 years, should be expanded to benefit those going through a family or medical issue.

For those in this area, please go to:

Please help fight for those who are struggling with family and/or medical concerns. Thank you.

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  1. i sent mr. casey a comment!

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