Freedom from…

Paul Atkinson shared this today: You have been called to live in freedom but don’t use your freedom to satisfy yourself, use your freedom to serve one another – Gal 5:13

The word “Freedom” has been more pronounced in my world as of late.  I have a lot of freedoms that I am acknowledging:

Freedom from the suffocating trauma.

Freedom in a beautiful but struggling democracy.

Freedom to travel.

Freedom to enjoy cheap and simple living.

Freedom to make my own decisions.

Free to achieve my dreams.

Some freedoms I am working on are freedom of debt, freedom of guilt and freedom of disappointing others.

In the coming days and weeks I am going to be pronouncing more about my freedom with an updated blog including a site name change (Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to access it by typing in and a new twitter handle.  As my life has evolved through a good chunk of this grieving process I look forward to embracing the freedom it has brought me.  Shout out to Becky from RewDesigns for helping me to make this happen.



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  1. I’m just so proud to be able to call you friend <3

  2. Look to God Brenda! His freedom is greater than any we can imagine. And it’s given for each and every circumstance we encounter. Here’s to a great…a free…2012!

  3. Thank you Paul, I’m enjoying exploring faith again.

  4. I’m so proud to HAVE you as a friend *hugs*

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