Getting Better All the Time

Tragedies are constantly surrounding us: massive, destructive, devastating tragedies that hurt hundreds, sometimes thousands.  With the recent Gulf oil spill and the flooding in Nashville, I cannot help but feel upset at the lives that have been taken, and the destruction happening to our eco-systems due to these disasters.  I feel for them, for the land, for the people, for the animals.  I ache for what they have to face.

I’m getting better all the time.  How does this relate?  If this would have happened a year ago, I probably just would have ignored it.  I was so consumed with so much of my own grief that I couldnt’ dare carry anything else.  When a close friend was going through a devastating separation, I could barely hold on to give her support while trying to work through my own grief.  But today?  Today I can mourn with others, today I can sympathize and relate.  Slowly, but surely, I am becoming relatable again to the tragedies that are not my own.  I am getting better.

I can allow myself to feel deeply for other’s situations and hurt and grief because I am no longer bearing such a big load of grief.  It still laps, and like this weekend, aches to no end, but it passes, and I continue forward, and I can help to carry others for once.

It does get better; I never imagined it would.

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  1. I am glad to hear it is getting better.

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