Grieving Ain’t Done

Last night I took my first step into OFFICIAL grief therapy and went to Griefshare. Greifshare meets at local churches/community centers to bring people together who share one thing: grief. It’s a 13 week course on working through your grief, developing skills and tools to move forward, and to find joy again.

It’s intimidating to truly commit to something like this rather than just showing up randomly at the monthly Hospice meetings for spousal loss. While I love the Hospice support, I know I need something more commitment-oriented. Something I truly have to work at.

My only concern is that the group is quite small-2 leaders and me and 1 other person. It’s also at LCBC, where I feel a lot of tension. It’s just not a church that I feel at home in anymore, and I’m not sure how good I feel about taking the griefshare program there. The course is also offered at a church VERY local to me, Wheatland Presbyterian. I’d like to check the church out anyways, but their griefshare program falls on Monday nights which isn’t always convenient for me. We’ll see what works out, but I’m hoping to stick with it, if I can. I think it will be good for me, because, well, my grieving is FAR from over.

Tonight is the ever exciting Lancaster County event, Solanco Fair! I love their milkshakes, and even though I’m doing HORRIBLE with my “diet”. I need discipline-HELP!

As I write this, a homeless man walks outside my work picking up the trash on the road, and well, my heart breaks. He’s a man without a home. I’m a woman with my love. We’re both missing such big things in life that feel vital to…

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