Happening Again?

I want to blog a lot, but I’m just exhausted in every possible way right now. My grandfather is not doing well, and it doesnt look like he’ll be with us much longer. He’s had Alzheimers for a number of years now, and hasn’t really been with us mentlly for a while. I hate the term “It’d be a blessing”, but in some ways, yes. In others, I know what my grandmother is about to face, and it will and will NEVER be easy.

My grandmother just got out of the hospital yesterday from knee replacement surgery and ssome slight heart arythmias (?) so pray for her recovery and healing. Pray that if it is my grandpa’s time, that he go quickly and peacefully, and that my grandmother and our family can deal with this.

I can’t believe I am approaching the loss of another member of my family so suddenly after Kevin’s death. I have no idea how I’m going to handle this again and don’ even want to think about it, but I must. Please pray for my peace.

I did get the paperwork together for Kevin’s estate, but need to put together some figures for Mary Kay. Pray I can find time amidst this chaos to get it done before my meeting on Wednesday, and that after Wednesday, I can finally BREATHE again.

I’m just exhausted.

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