Happiness on Earth and Above

Down to roughly 2 weeks of school before a few days of finals, then FREEDOM (until the Fall). While I have only been back to school for one year, it has been enough to kick my bum to the curb and back. Part of it probably has to do with the emotional rollercoaster I have had to deal with on top of trying to focus on my studies, but nonetheless, I am proud of myself. It was my goal to finish my degree, and I had registered for classes right before Kevin became ill. That dream was put on the backburner, and many others lost along with it. I am proud to be back at it, to have a final finish date, and to accomplish something of my own free will, something I did not have to do, something for my own good and well being.

I guess I am learning more and more about doing things for my self benefit. I am enjoying being happy, and especially enjoying that some of that happiness is coming from someone new in my life. Unexpected and great. I’m intimidated by it, not sure where and what this all entails, but I am enjoying it.

Yesterday I drove directly through a rainbow, and all 3 kiddos that I watch were in my backseat. The 5 year old was explaining how we get to the rainbow: It was a series of directions involving, running, jumping, hiking through woods and forest, and then using the rainbow as a springboard into heaven. I was impressed. I asked him “Who are we going to see in Heaven?” He told me he would see his Pawpaw, and his Grandmother. I asked him if they were happy and he replied with an emphatic “YES!” I smiled, then asked him why they would be happy. “Because they are with God and Jesus”, my smile just got bigger. I said “Well, what about when we go to Heaven and see them there?” He told me that they would be so very happy to see us again. I then explained that Kevin was up in Heaven, and oddly enough, he asked how old Kevin was when he went to be with Jesus. I told him Kevin’s age, and then me, the 5 year old, and then 3 year old, all discussed how everyone in Heaven must be so happy, and they can watch over us. Faith like children…

They’re happy for us up there, and until we meet again, it’s good for us to be happy here too, to continue living, thriving, and most of all, loving.

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