Honoring Kevin’s Memory Two Years Later

I rarely blog first thing on the morning, but anniversaries tend to change life a bit. Today, actually, at roughly 8:30, marks two years since Kevin took his last breath. Of all the memories I have of Kevin, the unfortunate thing is that the memory of his last moments on earth are still some of the most powerful and real to me. All the other memories lie in shadows, as if it happened to some other life, but that memory has been etched and nothing has seemed to tone it down.

I have been trying my hardest to think up all the fun, happy, and clearer memories of Kevin, in an effort to capture his life, not his death. It’s been a fun journey to write about these things. If you’d like to read some from the past 24 hours and through today, visit my crazywidow twitter page. It helps me to relive the times I smiled with him, instead the of times I have cried after losing Kev.

Kevin still lives on in many people’s memories. I have been told stories I did not know, and reminded that Kevin’s story is still shared with others besides myself. So today, I want you to share your memories with me to share to the world. I want Kevin to be remembered, not mourned today. I know we all had a deep love and soft spot for that man, and that’s what I want to honor today.

Kevin, you still inspire me with all you gave me in our short time together. I mourn you, I miss you, but I thank you too for what you gave me, which neither of us expected. Cancer took much, but it gave much too.

Share with me today-leave a comment with a memory, and inspiration, a though on Kevin. Thank you.

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  1. remember trick or treating your first year on lemon street. We sat outside, layla was just a baby!Handing out candy to all the kidos!

    remember your wedding day, kev and his crazy uncles!

    remember his laugh and the smile that he had!

    remember his “eh”

    remember when you moved into your grandmothers old farm house and we would come over and watch football!

    remember our workouts? Kevin was friends with everybody and anybody there! He had that personality that was warm and inviting! He would help anyone at the drop of a hat.

    he had such a free spirit. we were all so lucky to have him be apart of us for the time he was.


  2. I remember the times before you came along Brenda…..Kevin, his brother Ken, my hubby Chris and his brother Mark were all very close, having grown up together and whose parents were best friends their entire lives. We are of course still very close with his mom and Ken. Kevin was a great guy will always be in our memories. He had a great life with you Brenda and I know that no matter how many years go by and the new life have now, Kevin will never be far from your thoughts. When you love someone, it never goes away.

  3. I remember all of those!

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