How to Begin Going Green

You hit the snooze alarm, boom, boom, boom. I know I have done it at least 1000 times, but this time, you are using a solar alarm clock. You crawl out of bed, and instead of turning on the lights throughout your house, you open up the blinds and let natural light flow in through your energy efficient windows.

Hopping in the shower, you turn on your eco-flow shower head, lathering up with all natural bath products and shampoos. You step out and wrap yourself in a bamboo bath towel, enjoying the soft natural feel of the fibers.

It’s time to dry your hair, so you grab your new eco-friendly hair dryer. It was a bit pricey, but well worth the energy savings. After applying some all natural makeup, along with chemical-free hairspray, you’re almost ready for your day.

You slip into your organic fiber clothing and shoes, and head to the kitchen to grab some breakfast and make your lunch for work. You fill up your re-usable water bottle from the low pressure tap, and snack on some organic breakfast bars.

For lunch, you eat locally grown fruits and vegetables to go with a homemade meal, all placed in re-usable containers. On the way out the door, you unplug all of your electronics, and hop into your hybrid vehicle to drive to work. On the way, you pick up 3 of your co-workers for your daily carpool.

At work, you keep all un-necessary electronics unplugged until you need to them to save electricity. Instead of wasting gas and energy by going out to eac, you stay in and eat your packed lunch with your co-workers. You refill your re-usable, filtrated, water bottle and wrap up your day.

This may not sound like a typical day for all of us, but with a few minor changes to our daily routines, we can be green all day long. By switching out your everyday products for more green products, you not only help to save the planet, but you budget for long term environmental and economical savings.

Looking for eco-friendly, green, solar powered, lo flow and natural products allows the world a breath of fresh air from the harsh chemicals and daily grime that pollutes our world. Even if you are not a “green” person, installing something as small as energy saving lightbulbs can help you with your household budgeting by reducing usage costs.

If you want to start with the basics of going green, it doesn’t mean you need to outfit all of your appliances to green. Making the slightest changes to low cost items such as lightbulbs, containers, water bottles and low flow faucets and shower heads, can make a big difference in greening your lifestyle. All these changes are low cost, and a great way to get started going “green”.

When you are ready to take a bigger plunge to outfitting your home, consider all options, shop around, and don’t forget the little things. From everything to can openers, hair dryers and dishwashers, all these products come in energy efficient and eco-friendly models. Most of the green items tend to be on the pricy side, so if you cannot purchase them all at once, wait until the old is worn out, and upgrade to the green version when you need to purchase a new item.

The trick to going green, is to start with the easy, little changes, and go green as you are able. Just a few people making these small changes make a big impact on the health of our environment, and vice versa. Start small, and grow green.

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