How to Take a Last Minute Vacation on the Cheap

I know we have all heard of a mental getaway. Sometimes, we look ahead to holidays, family visits, or whatever other stressful situations are constantly surrounding us, and say, “I think I’m going to be ‘sick’ on Friday.” When you say this, you know you are in need of a last minute getaway.

While last minute retreats are fabulous, many of us do not have the funds to take an escape. The trick to making your trip successful, without going overboard is knowing where to book your getaway, and how to stay frugal on your weekend vacation.

If you are thinking of staying within a 4 hour distance, I highly recommend driving. Make sure to stick to the speed limit or just 5 above. Increasing your speed limit anymore than this, means for lower gas mileage and more expenses. Enjoy the drive and even consider taking a scenic route to assist in sinking into vacation mode as you enjoy the surrounding views.

Pack up your vehicle with a cooler of your favorite snacks, treats, and quickly made meals. You are leaving to get away, not to eat out and deal with annoying waiters and long restaurant waits. Make sure to have good, balanced car food, such as trail mix, beef jerky, and fresh cut vegetables. These will keep your journey light, and your energy high.

If you are planning on flying, you have a few different options. Avoiding the airline websites is the best way to avoid high price tickets. Visit for great deals on specific dates, as well as amazing last minute weekend deals all over the country and world if you have some extra time to spend.

Package deals on sites such as,,, and all offer great deals on combinations of air fare, hotel and car rentals. All these sites tend to offer pricing within a few dollars of each other, and some may give you the option of offering a bid on a package deal to get the lowest deal possible.

If you do fly to your getaway, bringing food with you is often not an option. Try to choose a hotel that is equipped with a small refrigerator, and spend the first few hours at a local grocery store stocking up on great snacks and quick meals. This will not only allow you more time to relax at the pool, but it will save you lots of money.

If you want a last minute getaway, the best thing to be is flexible. Understand that you may have to change your plans to accommodate odd flight times, and possibly switch hotel rooms midway through the weekend; This will help to keep your costs lower.

Take a few hours at least one week in advance, scour the internet, and search various websites for the best possible deals. Call ahead to some of the hotels or B&B’s you’re interesting in booking, and ask if they have any last minute specials for your fun weekend trip.

Be flexible, and prepare to be open minded about travel options. It’s a getaway to get away, not to play super sightseer. Enjoy and keep it on the cheap.

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