I Don’t Wanna Growup

My friend Ashley & I after running fully clothed into the Binn’s Park Fountain and having a sit…

Sometimes you need to be a kid again, but do you remember when we were kids and all you wanted to do was grow up and live out your dreams? You had an exuberant energy and you believed that you could do anything you set your mind to. You could not wait to achieve your dreams, start a family, have a home.

Somedays, I still want that, but I’m not 10 and dreaming anymore. I’m 26 and looking back and wondering how I ended up here, still trying to achieve my dreams, living in an apartment…having lost that dream of a family.

What is exciting, however, is that in a really skewed way, it is coming to fruition. I have landed another writing gig, this time on a behind the scenes tour of the brand new, all green, Pittsburgh Penguins NHL arena, and a tour of Pittsburgh. Writing opportunities are opening up, and my childhood dream of becoming a journalist, and author, is coming true. What makes me even happier, is that it’s not all about grief. Certainly my blog inspired me to continue writing, has inspired me to continue working on my memoir, but my freelance is driving me intensely. It’s not all about grief!

Even as an adult, you have dreams, and I think many of us have that child like want to create them instantaneously and without regard. Despite our obligations, there are definitely moments when we must and can do this, because really, what fun is it to actually “grow up”?

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  1. I am never growing up…just sayin.

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