It’s Nice to be Home

Lancaster is a great place to be. It is nice to know everything around me, to build a sense of community as an adult, to be in a place of comfort, of warmth, and somehow, of blessing. Yesterday the world lost another Angiosarcoma soul. Rafael Rojas passed from this world after a battle with a rare form of Angiosarcoma (yes, even Angiosarcoma can have rare forms of itself). I was informed through the tight knit twitter community of which I am apart of, and it broke a piece of me today. I do not want to see Angiosarcoma as an inevitable death due to the disease. Some do survive in fact, and thankfully, I still know a few survivors-ones who are fighting and seemingly, winning. But when another passes, it reminds me more that I need to continue to fight for awareness, for those who lose the battle too young, for the rare circumstances in life when we are handed unimaginable diseases, and unimaginable grief. Thankfully, they are rare.

Despite a trying weekend of a small rear ending accident (I am FINE, subaru is just a little dinged, and will be repaired soon) due to the snow that I have been HOPING for (ironic isn’t it?), some Bank issues, and this loss, it was still a good weekend. Because I’m home, and it feels that way.

I had a great time exploring the city in all it’s glorious, CLEAN, white, sledding, relaxing, baking, family time, and just in general feeling at home here, in my skin. As I’m finally recooperating from the sinus infection, the feelings of melancholy are lifting a bit. However, with the Christmas and New Years holiday approaching, I keep being reminded of the couply feelings that just feel normal around the holidays, and no one to feel couply with. It’s definitely a downer.

Home is definitely what you make it, and this is mine. I appreciate all the support you have all given me over these past few years. Yes, it’ll almost be 2 years since this blogging journey began (this coming June) and it has been quite the journey.

Life is incredible. Life is unfair. But I do not want to see it as that; I want to see it as a blessing-I have been blessed in my life, and amongst that has been some tough shit as well. That’s life as Frank would say. It has not broken me yet, nor will it. I am home, Kevin is home, and now another Angiosarcoma friend is home too, Rafael. We are home wherever we make it, wherever our soul lies, and in it, there is good.

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