Last Day

Last day of the month, thank Goodness!

The new month always seems to usher in new adventures, and I am hopeful that they will be positive ones.

I have entered into a whole new community here in Lancaster via Twitter. For those who don’t know, Twitter is basically a way to communicate with others just by saying what y0u’re doing right then and there. Unlike Facebook, I use Twitter more as a way to meet new people such as local writers, authors, techies and community members. It seems the perfect place to meet friends in the Adult world which is a hard thing to do!

This morning I went to my first “tweetup”, basically a time/place where other Tweeters meet up to enjoy life together. It was at 7 am which was SO EARLY for me (for those who know me I am NOT by any means a morning person) but I felt so blessed to be there. I think this will be a good thing 🙂

Last night I hung out at Prince Street Cafe to do some writing-mainly doing poetry and attempting some song writing, and I ran into a 2nd cousin of mine. We had a great discussion on life, love, loss and faith. That’s twice this week that I’ve been to the PSC and seen amazing people and had amazing chats. It definitely feels like that’s for a reason…It’s definitely helping me process all that this year anniversary of Kev becoming sick entails.

I’m heading to my parents cabin this weekend-hoping that will be inspirational and fun with them.

Sorry-not feeling really inspiring right now. Hoping to have that tonight 🙂 Until then, take care!

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