Loving my 9-5ish

Some days, when I am on the road for work, I feel nearly completely unproductive because it takes so long to drive, I take a few wrong turns/scenic routes, and/or delays on my or my clients’ part.  4 appointments, today, technically 5 if you count where I’m staying as a potential client (I do!), 2 extra stops for food, 2 lovely detours around Raystown Lake checking out the dam and scenic points along the way, and a stop after dark at Greenwood Furnace in hopes I could see it (too dark).  It’s exhausting.

One of the scenic driving tours – Overlook of Raystown Lake Dam

But now I can look back at the conversations with those folks along the way – them and I actually giving one another the time we deserve to listen, to hear their needs, dreams, goals for the success of their businesses; conversations that are extremely difficult to have by phone.  Not enough time.  It’s fascinating to watch, firsthand, the community involvement when I walk into a potential client’s business with one of the staff from the visitors bureau and he knows the 3 people in the business.  1 of those happens to be someone I want to meet tomorrow; and so we can finally set that appt.  Connected.

It is so cool to see how invested these visitors bureaus are in their communities; working to keep them tight knit, to get them to lean on one another, to promote their areas to the outside world so others can see what they have to offer to their guests.  Every visit to an organized bureau has been superb; like someone welcoming me into their home.

On days when I feel like I should have gotten more visits, more numbers of people to meet and shake hands, I realize that sales is not actually a numbers game.  Yes, if I do send 100 emails/calls a day, I’m bound to have at least a few interested parties.  But when I put my face in front of them, shake their hand, have the opportunity to ask them about their needs and to see what makes them tick, those are the closers.  Part of it is that it’s harder to say no to someone you can now put a face to.  Mostly though, it’s that we now have a relationship.  Even if you don’t buy an ad, you now know about my product, and I know about yours, and we can figure out a way to work together in some capacity.

When I interviewed for this job, I knew I wanted about it.  I dreamed about finally getting that call.  On my first day, my editor shared that she felt I was there for a reason, a purpose.  I have seen twinklings of what that is on a personal level, and it’s so rewarding to see it on a professional level as well.

I love my job career.

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