My Obsession with Road Trips

If you have never taken a successful road trip, you could not understand why they are fun.  As a kid, we traveled to and from the cabin (4 hours North), the beach (4 hours South) and one time Walt Disney World (24 hours South).  As the youngest, I recall being shoved in the middle seat of the Cavalier station wagon – the vinyl sticking to my pasty legs, or in the rear of the truck reading books in the bed with the cap overhead.  When I got older it was a mini van, and the accommodations were a bit more roomy with 3 kids and 2 parents.

The minute I turned 16, I went for my learners permit and 6 months later was allowed to take my driver’s test.  I was ready.  I had an odd and fun love for cars (probably in part to liking a boy who taught me about makes/models).  When I purchased my first car I became involved in an owners club and met a whole new group of friends with appreciation for all things auto.  No matter where I went, I wanted to drive.

When I was 18 my best friend and I drove due West to California, and back.  If I recall, we crossed 7000+ miles in 15 days.  It was insane and awesome.  It was a successful roadtrip.  These roadtrips have continued up and down the east coast visiting friends, boyfriends and beaches.  They have expanded westward to a home in Montana and a love in Canada.  My vehicles over the past 10+ years of driving have all used up their dollars in AAA memberships, and have seen countless gas stations, repair shops, and dents.  They are driven hard, with love.

In just over a month I will head 10 hours south to Myrtle Beach, SC to join other widows in a weekend of fun and friendship at Camp Widow East.  I am making it a road trip.  I’ll have to dig out my old Garth Brook CDs to make it really seem like an old time road trip.  Between that, fruit/nut granola snacks, and tons of soda to keep me awake, I can’t think of a better way to get to and fro.

What makes a road trip for you?

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