Owning 2 Years

Sandy lost her husband 2 years ago today.  Our journeys reflect in one another: we both lost our husbands to cancer, gave up our homes and stability afterwards for something we could handle on our own.  Since those times, however, our journeys have become very unique.

Sandy has a kick ass attitude about life since losing her husband, TJ.  And she knows it.  She set boundaries and achievements for herself and she sticks to them.  Me?  I don’t know how to say no!  (Sandy, please teach me!)

Celebrating 2 years of her husband’s death?  Certainly a unique approach.  As I head into the 3rd anniversary this Friday I still call it a “sadversary”.  It’s difficult for me not to be sad about this day and what it marks.  But survival is something to celebrate.  Celebration of LIFE, of making it, of moving forward, of doing what our hearts desire without question or compromise.

Cheers to your 2nd year of survival Sandy.  Check out Sandy’s blog today.

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  1. Brenda – Thanks so much for backing me on this. I am here for you as your sadversary approaches. Do something special for just you….after 3 years you deserve it!

  2. Thanks Sandy – I appreciate your positive outloook and thoughts!

  3. Love you both, ladies!

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