Packing for the Adventure, Not the Destination

How do you pack?  And no, I’m not asking if you roll instead of fold (I roll when flying, fold when camping, no clue why).  I’m asking how you pack?

My Trusty $20 Duffel Bag from Ross – 4 years strong!

Do you choose your clothes items according to what’s on your travel itinerary?  Smart – you want to be prepared.

Do you pack a few extra items in *case* you do something different?  Smarter – you’re beginning to send yourself into adventure mode.

Do you pack things for the completely unexpected? Smartest.

My mother definitely taught me to overpack and be prepared for ANYTHING.  When we went camping several weeks ago with my siblings, their spouses, my niece and my parents, my Mom had everything you could possibly need.  When we packed up their truck at the end of the weekend, that was quite evident too!

I’m not telling you to bring the kitchen sink and the bathroom too, I’m asking you to consider what you may need if you go on an adventure.  Tonight I’ll be heading to Harpers Ferry for the first time.  I know the terrain is hilly, and I’m hoping there are more than a few hiking trails, oh yeah, there’s the APPALACHIAN TRAIL!  I’m not expecting to hike a good chunk of the thing and spend my whole weekend there, though I wouldn’t complain about that change of plans, but I am expecting to have some adventures.

What does an adventure look like to you?  Is it trying a new restaurant?  Maybe it’s time to download that app so you can get a better deal.  Is your adventure changing the place you’re going to stay when you arrive, or not planning your overnight stay at all?  Will you camp or hotel?  Pack for the adventure.  Do you think you’re going to have no reason to wear or use X, then pack it,  Maybe you can find a reason when you arrive.

The worst part about coming upon a great adventure, is not having the items or equipment to participate.  This has happened a few times to me (remember all those forgotten swimsuits?  Or in my case, sneakers?) and it’s never a fun time.  Pack those few extra items for an adventure you would want to occur, then get hoping, and get seeking.  You may just stumble upon it when you arrive!

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  1. Couldn’t agree more, but wouldn’t skinny dipping because you didn’t pack your suit be a memorable adventure? 🙂

  2. Oh my word….I pack everything “just in case”. I have even packed heels when going camping/hunting….”just in case” we decide to drive back to town to go to that quaint little restaurant we passed (yep, TJ & I did that once & I was prepared…lol)

  3. I agree!!

  4. LOL, heels while camping? Priceless!

  5. Well it certainly WOULD make a fund adventure – I’ll remember that!

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