Premature Baby Steps

So today I am taking one of very few premature baby steps. I have my first interview today, with Willow Valley, for a physical therapy aide position. It’s a part time, flexible, M-F position, no weekends or holidays, and it has benefits. It would be AMAZING. For those who know me, I have worked at Willow Valley in 3 separate positions/facilities prior to this, so I know them well. I think pretty much every person of my age has worked at Willow Valley at one point in their lives. It’s a local retirement community that is constantly expanding.

As I said, it would be a great position to get…either way though, it depends on timelines. I applied for this probably over a month ago, and they’re only now interviewing me (after some struggles with the HR department to get them to work around the memorial schedules). So, I am really praying they are not in a rush. I’m not ready to start back immediately. Despite not “working” for 4 months, I HAVE been working my bum off harder than I ever have before for the past 4 months. I just want to take a few weeks and have some me time. Adjust to life, figure out the next step to take.

I am praying that you, my friends and family, allow me this time. I know people want to see me jump back in the saddle because they think it will help. But I have to do this my way. And right now, my way is to take it slow and figure out what’s next. Not to mention, SO MUCH paperwork has to be done to get his affairs in order, and I’ll need a few weeks just to get through that nightmare.

Please pray that the interview goes well not only to get the position, but for their understanding of my life timeline right now. Pray that doors open that I can visit friends in other places and that I can really find a path to take. Pray that I find some purpose, that I find my voice again to write more dedicatedly and maybe even start this novel. Pray that people allow me the freedom and time I need to mourn and grieve of my own will. Pray for guidance.

Thanks all. Much love.

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  1. I’m praying!!!

  2. Good luck and I hope that they are willing to work with you and give you the time that you need! I am one of “those” that worked at Willow Valley…many moons ago! 🙂 Take as much time as you need and all of us will be here when you are ready! 🙂

  3. Take your time, Brenda. There is no right or wrong way to grieve and eventually go on with your life. I’m sure every person grieves differently. I’m praying for you and for others to be understanding of your needs.

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