Recuperating Together

It’s coming up on 2 years since the boy and I first met.  As I blogged about yesterday, when the first scent of Spring hits my nostrils I start dreaming up the excitement and activity that the warm weather brings.  Essentially I (and my allergies) come out of hibernation.

The boy and I  have had the opportunity to do some great traveling together.  One of the first things we did was go camping at the beach.  While that weekend almost ended us, we struck through it and we’re still together!  Since that time we have traveled throughout Pennsylvania, NJ and even to Costa Rica last year!  While our travel philosophies and tolerances are a bit different, it’s been fun exploring life together and the Spring helps me to look ahead to what fun we can have together with warmer days approaching.

While the past 8 months have been physically difficult on me, they have been on him as well.  An unfortunate incident at the Gettysburg National Military Park led to a very swollen ankle and a large boot that he has had to wear since October.  The recovery for him has not been easy and I wonder how this will impact this year’s adventures.  In the same regard, I wonder how my back surgery will effect the plans I have for camping and motorcycling.

While my doctor believes that full recovery will not occur for another year due to the nerve damage/numbness, he does expect that by Spring/Summer of this year I can return to full activity.  For the boy however, it’s different.  It has been an up and down recovery and it is a slow progression to get out of the dreaded boot.

I have 2 major activity goals for this year:

  • Climb to the Sunfish Glacier Pond along the Appalachian Trail in Delaware Water Gap
  • Ride my new-to-me Motorcycle

I wonder not only if my back and leg muscles can sustain the hikes and motorcycling, but also if the boy can join me on these adventures.  I want to be able to share as much of our lives together as possible, because it’s simply more fun to do life together than alone.

Whatever happens, this year I’m going to get back to the things I love and that I feel I missed out on last year due to injury.  So, whether it’s in Spring or Summer that I get to ride the bike – whenever I feel most confident and strong – or if I hike to that pond in May when we go camping or later in the year when we are healed up – I’m doing it.

Onward and upward.


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