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Sarcoma cancers are very rare. Finding proper information about them, is often difficult and stressful. The web is full of information, but finding websites that are reputable can be a frustrating process.

When my husband was diagnosed with Angiosarcoma, an extremely rare form of Sarcoma cancer, I searched online many hours to find sites where I could connect with others. I found random articles containing minimal information on Sarcoma research, and found little that I could work with.

However, for those needing proper information on Sarcoma cancer, there are a few reputable websites and organizations that can get you the information you need. As you know, knowledge is power, especially when it comes to battling rare cancers.

The Sarcoma Alliance has been working since 1999 to bring Sarcoma patients and their families the most up to date information on the cancer battle. Their website, offers great tools to connect with others also battling Sarcoma cancers. On this site, you can find information on the best Sarcoma cancer centers in the world, the latest news articles, and discussion boards to connect with other survivors.

Visiting will take you to the Liddy Shriver Sarcoma Initiative. Bruce and Beverly Shriver started this excellent organization to help those battling Sarcoma cancer to receive the information and resources they need. Each year, they help to sponsor an awareness week for the locally organized teams for their Team Sarcoma challenge. They have worked long and hard to raise awareness for these rare cancers, and to bring the faces of Sarcoma to the public.

Research is one of the greatest tools on the battle against Sarcoma. The Sarcoma Foundation of America,, supports active research for all types of Sarcoma cancers. With funding and advocacy, they are working to raise more time and money invested into preventative care, diagnostics, and a possible cure for Sarcoma cancer. Very little is known about proper treatment and diagnosis involving Sarcoma cancers, and the SFA is working hard to bring Sarcomas to the forefront of the cancer community.

Another great research group specifically for Angiosarcoma, a subtype of Sarcoma, is Angiosarcoma Awareness, Inc. at  The funds raised for this organization go towards research to discover what causes Angiosarcoma and furthering treatment options for Angiosarcoma patients.

The SARC, or Sarcoma Alliance for Research through Collaboration, works to sponsor clinical trials for more Sarcoma cancer research. This is a great website to find the latest in research and clinical medical trials for treatment options for those battling Sarcoma cancers. The SARC is a great organization that helps Sarcoma patients connect with the most current research developing in hospitals and laboratories around the world.

Many individual hospital websites also offer great information on Sarcoma cancers. There are many hospitals around the United States that have cancer centers with doctors devoted to Sarcoma research and awareness. If you or a loved one is battling Sarcoma, you need to be pro-active about getting connected with the few resources that are available.

Become an advocate for yourself, and do not hesitate to get a second opinion. In the battle against Sarcoma cancers, they are often aggressive and hard to diagnose. If you think or know you may have a Sarcoma cancer, visit these websites to find the best Sarcoma centers closest to you and connect with them as soon as possible.

The best tool against Sarcoma that everyone can use is activism. Get the word out to your friends and families and let them know about the 13,000+ people per year that are battling these rare cancers. Together, we can work towards better diagnostics and treatment care.

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