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This morning I was floored.  It doesn’t happen often, but this morning a friend whom I met through Twitter, floored me.  You see, she has breast cancer.  The cancer is in her breast, neck, and a spot on her liver.  I had somehow missed her tweets about her chemo treatment, and recent battle, and well, I was floored to see her in a wig, looking strong as can be.  When I asked her how she was, I got my answer-all of it.

Maybe I’ll share her blog with all of you so that you can follow her journey, but I’ll check with her first.  In the meantime, I read every single entry in her blog since her diagnosis.  It took me back in so many ways.  Her words resounded in my ears-some of those words I had mouthed myself on more than on occasion. I can hear her fear, but I can also feel her hope-the constant tug and pull of a battle with cancer.

She is young, a mother, a wife, a beautiful vibrant soul who has made me laugh on smile on several occasions. I have enjoyed getting to know her over the past year, and now I will enjoy watching her beat this battle.

She is shaking up my life, but in a good way. Days like this, I go, WTF has happened to my life? Like, seriously, what have I taken out of this life, with lessons learned? When I look back on the past 2 years, I know I have come out of this with so many good things, good lessons, good perspective, but am I still using that?

It’s time to re-evaluate again. Everyday is a chance to rethink how I am doing life, and thanks to this woman, I am rethinking it yet again. Time to stop beating myself up as I posted earlier this week, and time to start lifting myself up.

Here’s to you sweetheart-cheers, hugs, love, and a crapload of props to you.

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  1. You both have overcome more challenges in 20-odd years than most people do in a lifetime! Thanks for reminding us of what’s really important.

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