Something About Being Sick

Makes me feel lonely and depressed. I guess most of it has to do with not having my Kev to take care of me. I have a great memory of me being sick on my bedspread. Kevin got up around 3am to get me liquid sudafed and some got spilt on the bedspread. I’m still happy to see that stain as it reminds me of how good he took care of me in my sickness and health. I miss that.

So today I’m doing slightly better. The GI issues are clearing up, but the head pounding, achyness and just general NO energy are still very much here. I made myself some black cherry jello and chocolate pudding, so hopefully that will sit ok. My sweet sis brought me over some english muffins, the one thing that is sitting fairly ok.

I just wish I was better already. My immune system must be SHOT for as often as I’ve gotten sick in the past few months.


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