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My people soulspiration blog REALLY hit home for a lot of people. It just inspired me to tell you about them! Besides people, however, many places inspire me as well. These places are a combination of businesses and places I love to visit on vacations and getaways. I hope you’ll check them out as well:

I no longer get joy out of sitting on the floor of Barnes & Noble. In fact, it feels like cheating, especially after the amazing service I have gotten from Aaron’s Books in Lititz, PA. When I tweeted to them and asked if they had a copy of “A Walk in the Wild” by Bill Bryson, they tweeted that they did in fact have a copy, and it was set aside for me whenever I wanted to come by! When I wanted a specific book, that only came in hardback, they ordered it for me AND gave me a discount because it wasn’t coming out in paperback until the winter and I wanted it NOW! They also gave me my first chance to speak the words of my memoir to the public and discuss how the public should better handle and talk about grief! Huge kudos for their outstanding customer service, and what they do for the community!

As much as I complain about work, I really am super duper blessed. My work for the architecture firm, the campground, the storage facility , the kids I nanny for, and my freelance writing gig really make me happy-yes, all 5 gigs make me HAPPY. It’s a little bit of insanity that drives me to work for all these places (some combine together), but I truly do love the variety. I have great employers, and they all came through after the disastrous loss of my former life. They came through from friends who saw a need and gave me a chance. So, THANK YOU.

It would be just crazy to list all of them, but go here and you can see the list of amazing people and businesses who came through to Team Sarcoma: Keepin’ it Kevin 2010. They rock, support them please!

Now, moving from businesses, into places I love to visit. As you all know, I’m a travel whore. If I have an evening into a day off, I am sure to try and squeeze some time out to go somewhere other than home to my apartment. I am beginning to realize that maybe this is not the healthiest of pursuits, but I have gotten to visit some AWESOME places because of it. Here’s the list:

Assateague Island NATIONAL Seashore – home to the horses, but also home to some of the loveliest shores on the Atlantic. It’s breathtaking-spring/fall is better in terms of mosquitoes, but all in all, a great getaway.

Worthing State Forest, NJ – Delaware Water Gap – It’s just as big of a surprise for me that I have somewhere in NJ listed, but it is just so peaceful there! I camped there for the first time this spring, and it instantly became probably one of the best places I have ever camped. Primitive, riverside, right off the Appalachian trail, in the valley: just perfect.

I feel like my second home growing up was in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania. My family’s cabin is located just outside the town, and I love its ample outdoor adventures, the serenity of the Northern Pennsylvania mountains, and the memories around the campfire.

Two more National Parks make the list: Glacier National Park in Montana and Yosemite National Park in California. If you have never made it west of the Mississippi, these are two reasons to do so. Mountains, snow, glaciers, nature in all its predominantly untouched glory. It’s time to make the trek, take the time, and explore the National Parks. Do so before (heaven forbid) anymore funding is cut. Support the parks!

Port Deposit, MD – What is a ghostlike, riverside town doing on my list? Just because it’s THAT, and more. I’m still super skeptical of the Bainbridge Naval Center closing (do a little research-mustard gas testing anyone?) and that’s definitely part of the aura. But Port Deposit is literally a one street town, with good food, interesting people, and just a creepy-riverside-town feel, that you have to love it.

Centralia, PA has remained on my small list of places that I have always wanted to visit, but have not. I’m slightly intimidated by the sinking, burning town, its no trespassing signs, its few stubborn residents. But, I need to see it before it is no longer. Want to come with me?

To me, any national, state, and county park always gets tops on the list of places to visit. Spend your money THERE-they need it! They offer so many great opportunities to explore nature in some if its most natural forms. Parks are beautiful, preserved places meant to be explored.

There are so many other places that inspire me, that give me an instant peace and satisfaction. What are some of yours?

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  1. I will go to Centralia with you! I have always wanted to check it out!

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