Widow Voyages

Widow Voyages Orange (2)In March I moved forward with an idea that’s been swirling in my head for a while – taking widows and widowers on group tours. For almost 8 years I have survived and grown in widowhood because of the support of other widows. I have traveled to Arizona, Toronto, South Carolina, Maryland, Florida, Washington D.C. and New Brunswick to spend time with some amazing people who have also experienced loss. We support one another and we get through it by being with one another and not feeling so alone in our journeys.

I came up with a list of places within my comfort zone for our first 3 trips: Washington D.C, Wellsboro, PA + Finger Lakes, NY, and Harpers Ferry, WV. I’ve been to all of these places before, they’re within driving distance of my home, and it would allow me to keep my personal costs down to provide the best service possible to those who attend these first three trips. They’re like my “test trips.” I’ve wanted to launch this business the right way-if there is a right way.

In my spare time I’ve been soliciting quotes for small business insurance, working with my web and graphic designer on the website, investigating travel insurance to sell, finalizing trips plans and pricing and a ton more small details to make it just right. And I kept putting off the launch. Waiting to put out information. My husband told me yesterday it’s never going to be perfect. If I want to meet the deadline to have people book for the June Washington D.C. trip the go time is now. So, yesterday I launched our first e-newsletter, put together a Q&A chat for tonight and hope that people will begin signing up.

I’ve done many things in my life that set me up for failure. I wanted to do this right. And I am-it just may not always be in the timing I desire. I truly hope this business will be successful, and I hope that widows and widowers will find joy out of coming on these trips. We’ll see how it pans out! In the meantime, if you’re a business who wants to support our efforts, let me know how you can help!

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