Stopping for the Moment instead of Capturing It

So many of us have smartphones now, so nearly everything we do, from eating a delicious burger at a local joint, to taking our dog for a walk around the neighborhood, is documented with a picture.  A while ago I began realizing that by taking the time to try and photograph every moment in my life, I was actually missing out on the essence of the moment itself.

It isn’t just this way with pictures, it’s also with many things.  When I pull up to a lookout, or beautiful view, I’ll (Ok, maybe this is about pictures) snap a photo, hop back in the car, and be on my way.  In my defense, many of these views are discovered while I’m on the way to an appointment for work, so I can’t exactly put on my hiking boots and trek down the hill, as much as I would like to!  But, in general, am I taking the time to explore the area, to see beyond the picturesque scenery right in front me?  Am I missing the gems just around the corner?

I rarely stop to just take beauty in-sans picture, sans agenda.  I don’t push beyond the limit of what I already think is pretty great.  I wonder what I am missing out on by not pushing just a little harder, a bit longer, a tad further.

As I read the latest edition of National Park’s Traveler’s Essential Park Guide, I realized that I’m missing out on a lot of things.  Hiking.  Exploring.  Going off the beaten path…

What I have I missed out on because I was too lazy or tired to head down the path?  Too afraid or concerned to explore?  Too busy to not take the time?

I want to pause, stop, for these moments, instead of trying to capture the image in my head and move on to the next item on my to-do list.   How are you stopping for life?

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Challenge: How about a hike a week, somewhere new, each week?


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