Suck it Up

I guess you could say that I’m not a fan of the phrase “Suck it up” amongst others (I’m sorry for your loss, At least you have ___, etc.). Over the past several weeks, I have felt like I have needed to accept this phrase for the circumstances in my life that are not panning out.

There are many good things happening, that I acknowledge, but sometimes those do not win out over the things that just plain SUCK. I am definitely being a bit selfish in this post, but it is hard not to. Some days I still have that “I deserve A because I suffered through B” philosophy. Why should I continue to have to put up with certain things when I’ve already been through so much. Woe is me, yes, I know.

My tolerance is very minimal for the things in life that suck. Cancer. Career. Time. There’s too much of some, not enough of the other. I just want things to be here and now. I don’t want to have to wait for that door to open, I just want to end the bad now so I can begin the good. Unfortunately, there just isn’t enough money for that to happen.

How do I get past the suck and onto the SWEET? What do I do to survive the interim?

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  1. I do believe that you have to wade though the suck and fully experience it to get to the sweet (using your adjectives). I usually ask myself what this moment is trying to teach me, and there is usually something. It will pass, and there will be brightness. Peace and light to you.

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