Super Snow Freak

You could say that I’m a super snow freak. It is something that Kevin did not love about me, or, he enjoyed my spirit, but wished it wasn’t for snow! Each year, around November, just as the cold starts to creep in and the Fall leaves have all hit the ground, I get itchy for snow. To me, cold=snow. I do not enjoy one without the other.

Last year, some fabulous ‘new’ friends hosted a few sledding parties, and I became a kid again. It reaffirmed my belief that snow is the absolute best form of precipitation there is.

This year, I even asked for a snow tube, and thanks to my fab boyfriend, he bought us two, 56″ snow tubes-these things are GINORMOUS. So, when the forecasters called for a possible big snow the day after Christmas, I was psyched. But, the snow just left a dusting, and did nothing more than turn my green Subaru white.

As I headed outside for work errands today, I dreaded that third trip out to the mailbox. It’s too cold, too windy. The snow makes my feet cold and damp. And then I realized that maybe I’m losing some of my snow freakiness. Or maybe it’s just that the teaser snow wasn’t enough and now I’m disappointed and want none of it.

Snow takes me back to happy points in my childhood when our cool neighbors from Cali would bundle up and join us on the fields surrounding our houses. While many times the days ended with an injury or two (like whacking my back on a stone barn), the good times outshined all those rough and tumble parts. Snow meant days off from school, and even one January in particular, and entire MONTH off of school due to blizzards and ice storms.

I guess what I need to do is blow up the big new snow tube, and go sailing down a snow covered hill, even if it involves some bodily injury, to really bring back my snow super freak attitude. The cold is wearing on my kid like joy, and I’m becoming like the rest of the old geezer complainers who only want suntans instead of snow reflection burns.

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