Support the Kickstarter project and be a part of the book!

The time has come and today the Kickstarter campaign to publish my love and loss memoir Ebb from the Shoreline – How I found Hope in Love, Anticipation and Loss is waiting to get funded with your support.  Now through October 28, 2013, the 5th anniversary of Kevin’s death, you can pledge anything from $1 to $2500 in exchange for some awesome rewards.

In order for the project to be successful, the $5,500 goal needs to be met by 8 p.m. EST on October 28, 2013.  You can pledge with a credit card through your Amazon account, but your card will not be charged until 8 p.m. EST on October 28, 2013 as long as the project goal of $5,500 is met.  Anything less, and no ones credit cards get charged and the project will be unsuccessful.

You can visit to pledge your support of the project-I would also appreciate you sharing this project with your family, friends and co-workers.  Every dollar does count!  Thanks for supporting me these past 5+ years that have brought me to this point – I am so excited to bring this memoir to you in early 2014.


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