I really wanted to focus on the true idea of the holidays this year. With everything that has happened, I realize just how important the REAL concept of the holidays are.

Water Street Rescue Mission, especially this year, is in dire need of goods for the holiday season. Here is a wish list of their needs:

Consider making a donation in honor of Kevin, or a loved one, to the Liddy Shriver Sarcoma Initiative

Pray for these people in particular:

Jerry, whom is dealing with the repurcutions involved with Esophagael cancer. Pray for healing of his vision, his esophageal resection surgery, his infections-pray that he keeps his will to live and pushes through these complications.

Jennifer, who has survived over a year with Angiosarcoma when the doctors told her she just had a week! She is also dealing with complications. Pray for calmness of her disease and the complications.

Julia, who was recently diagnosed with cancer. She has small children, and is a close family friend of ours. She is very new to this journey, to pray for wisdom, guidance, and strength.

Continue to lift up ALL of us who are adjusting to our first holidays without Kev. This is gonna continue to be a tough, tough journey.

…be Thankful….

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  1. Hi there, Brenda. I just wanted to send some love your way. I lost a friend named Kevin to Ewing’s sarcoma a few months ago, and I still feel his absence…his presence…. I know that it is small in comparison to what you’re facing. Have you been to the Young Cancer Spouses group? It’s here: .


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