The Proposal and other things

I got to see a few cool things this weekend: Les Meserables at The Fulton, and The Proposal. The Proposal was very very funny-the premise is co-workers (a canadian about to be deported) getting married to stay in the country. It humored me greatly just with what Kev & I went through with immigration, but it also reminded me-WHOA, I need to call US immigration! I don’t think they know Kev has passed. I’m adding that to the list of a few paperwork things that still need to be tended to. To be honest, it’s not so much procrastination as just something I don’t think about. I need to make myself a list of the stuff I need to wrap up before the year comes around-hard to believe it’s 8 months on Sunday!

I am doing pretty well. I’m looking at the rest of my summer and figure out what my plans are for going away. I’m hoping to get to the beach at least 3 or 4 more times before I start school this fall at HACC online and won’t have time to go. I’m also planning a long weekend in Toronto to visit my mother in law Linda and the cousins. I’m looking forward to that and hoping that getting off of work will not be a problem.

I have to say that overall life is pretty good right now. I reminisce and often miss Kev, but not with the aching/destroying way I did before. I think the thing that hurts me most is mourning a life that I feel SHOULD have been. That, and the horrific way in which Kevin’s life was taken. It makes me all the more desiring to meet and connect with others facing angiosarcoma, and other widows.

I’ve made some great connections through the widow world, and through angiosarcoma. Some living, some recently passed. It’s hard to see others losing loved ones to the same disease. It’s even harder knowing how little chance of survival there is for those battling, and that makes me want to change that all the more.

I decided it’s just too big of a task to attempt to do anything big for Team Sarcoma this year. I’m hoping next year I can plan months ahead and make the event big. This year, I just hope to continue getting the word out, and encouraging donations.

It’s hard to believe it’s almost exactly a year since Kevin became symptomatic. When this downhill spiral started, but it’s encouraging to know that I’m coming up from the bottom.

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